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10 Premier League Record Breaking Players in History

Football comes with lots of records and facts to take account considering that it is the best and most lucrative sports in history. Not just that it brings and unites people from different races together, it creates exciting moments and sensation that everyone relishes.

Premier League is the UK’s top flight football league that have produced so many world class footballers. With several football academies, Premier league is without doubt the richest and the most popular football league in the world drawing in millions of fans and observers from around the world.

There are players who have set several unbeatable records in Premier league history that we want to share with you today. Here goes:

Which player scored the fastest hat-trick in Premier League history?

Sadio Mané.
Former Southampton player Sadio Mané scored the fastest hat-trick in Premier League history within just 2 minutes and 56 seconds against Aston Villa in May 2015.

Who is the highest goal scorer in Premier League history?

Alan Shearer.
The former Newcastle FC legend Alan Shearer is the highest goal scorer in Premier League history with 260. His record is yet unbeaten with Wayne Rooney being the second highest with 208 goals.

Who have recorded the most assists in Premier League history?

Ryan Giggs.
Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs have the most assists in premier league ever, a total of 162. He is followed closely by Cesc Fabregas at 111 assists.

Which goalkeeper has the most clean sheet in Premier league history?

Petr Cech.
Former Chelsea goalie Petr Cech has the most clean sheets in Premier league. A total of 202

Who has the most goals in a season in Premier league history?
Mohamed Salah.

Mohamed Salah scored 32 goals for Liverpool in 2017/2018 season, the highest in a season in Premier league history.

Who have scored the most hat-tricks of all time in Premier League?

Sergio Aguero.
Sergio Agüero scored the most hat-tricks ever in the Premier League, a total of 12 goals for Manchester City

Who has won the most golden boots in Premier league history?

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has won the most Golden Boot in Premier league. He won it four times and is one of only two players to have won the award three years in a row, between 2003/04 and 2005/06. The other player is Alan Shearer of Blackburn and Newcastle.

Who has scored the most penalties in Premier league?

Alan Shearer
Shearer has netted the most penalty goals as well as being the all time highest goal scorer in the English top flight league.

Which player has won the most trophies in Premier league?

Ryan Giggs has won more medals than any player in Premier league. He won the title 13 times with Manchester United.

Who has scored the most free kicks in Premier league?

Manchester United midfield legend David Beckham has the most goals from direct free-kicks in the Premier League, a total of 18.

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