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Best forwards in Premier League of 2019-2020

To be able to pull the trigger and score, one must have excellent positioning and finishing skills makes one a top striker in Premier league. That is the high quality expected by the Premier League’s best strikers.
However, there were the players who not only fulfilled the high demands expected of them in this year’s awkward season, but also went beyond and above that and proved all that they are the right forwards for the Premier League. Sports24 brings a compilation without any particular order.


Without including Manchester City legend Sergio Agüero, any ranking of the best forwards in the EPL will be incomplete. While the Argentina International had a relatively quiet season, marred by injuries and lack of time to play, there was little effect on his impressive goals per minute ratio. His goals per minute average is 91 minutes with 16 goals scored in just 1460 minutes of game time, adding to that his 3 assists and he ends up with an incredible record of a goal contribution every 76 minutes.

Agüero has never struggled to score goals in all competitions in a season, only once, after 9 years of playing for Manchester City. His game is more about consistency in scoring goals than winning individual trophies, while once, he earned the Premier League Golden Boot, the prowess of Sergio Agüero in the forward position comes from his devastating clinical finishing and his capacity to find spaces in the defenses of the opposition, which makes him dangerous against any side.


The Englishman is undoubtedly one of the best strikers in the Premier League and this season he scored an incredible 18 goals, which was a goal more than he scored the previous season, but given that he normally averages 25+ goals a season, this number of goals seems like an underachievement.

Kane is something of a full forward, the kind that is tough to find in the game today. For any boss, his goal scoring capabilities make him a jewel for the Spurs. When he first debuted, he has proven that he can score from set pieces and open play from both his feet, close-up and long-range. Such qualities definitely make him one of the best Premier League forwards in 2020.


Arguably, Martial and Rashford who both scored 17 goals in the Premier League with very equal playing time, can be placed side by side. Why did we go for Rashford? He was involved in more goals. The United attacker is one of the best forwards in the 2019-2020 Premier League and that seems to please any Manchester United supporter.

Constantly supplied by the likes of ace midfielder Bruno Fernandes, Rashford have got speed and knows how to find space for clinical finishes.

The Red Devils have a pair in Martial and Rashford both of whom seem to be happy playing both in the wide position and in the centre, and they seem to be effortlessly scoring from both positions.


Being at the top of his career, and being one of the best forwards in the EPL and on the heels of being the previous season’s joint Golden Boot winner, Sadio Mané seems to be a cornerstone of any list that comprises the best forwards in the 2019-2020 premier league. The Senagal superstar had a fantastic Liverpool season, which saw them win the Premier League for the first time since the 1992 start of the tournament.

Sadio Mané is the kind of player that any fan of football wants to see. Not only does he score goals, but with flair and elegance, he scores them. He can show the skills, but he rarely does so, preferring to support his team instead. Compared to Mohammad Salah’s 3.9, he had an average of 2.2 shots per game, which is low, an indicator of him being a team player.


The pressure of goal scoring appeared to be thrust on Sterling‘s shoulders with Aguero not being around for almost half the season and he did not back away from it.

Manchester City scored more than any other team in the league this season with their style of play, and Raheem Sterling made the most of it, too frequently catching the ball at 18 yards and getting the ball past the keeper. He was undoubtedly one of the greatest forwards of 2020 in the premier league.

Given that he had fewer playing time in this list’s top 5 stars than any other player and the fact that he is not usually a striker but is more of a winger, his 20 goal count seems much more remarkable, making him one of the first names in the Premier league last term.


Jamie Vardy, the Leicester City talisman, scored better in 2018-19 than Harry Kane, Alexandre Lacazette and Roberto Firmino and is a reliable force in ootball, but at the beginning he was ranked lower than all three.

Vardy has rediscovered the goalscoring form under Brendan Rodgers that was obvious during the title-winning campaign of the Foxes Premier League in 2015-16.
Vardy seems to have all the characteristics of a Forward at 33, strong and able to take advantage of even the slightest errors, he doesn’t seem to slow down anytime soon.



In the last 5 years, there have been few players scoring as regularly as Arsenal’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in Europe’s top leagues. Currently, since his Premier League debut for Arsenal back in January 2018, no other player has scored more goals than him. The Black Panther, as the Arsenal fans so lovingly name him, was one of the few bright points that any Arsenal fan wouldn’t like to ignore in the 2019-2020 league campaign, scoring his normal 20+ goals. Becoming better at it season after season.

He is also one of the quickest football players at 31, a skill that he uses to his full advantage by running down any loose ball, starting blistering counter attacks and making productive runs against teams with strong defensive lines, the latter of which he did several in the backend of the season against Chelsea and Manchester City, while in the FA cup, resulting in two victories for Gunners.


Leeds United fans comment on Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah’s Twitter post
Leeds United fans comment on Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah’s Twitter post

Salah shares some characteristics with Sadio Mané, with both being among the top forwards in the 2019-2020 Premier League. Both players are decent dribblers and have an amazing amount of pace at their disposal, but Salah has an extra factor many great players posses. The potential to score a goal from nowhere by dribbling past 3 or 4 defenders or by placing the ball from near angles or from a long distance into the back of the net.

This was Salah’s supposed “Quiet Season,” which for the third time in a row saw him almost earn the Golden Boot, and that alone points to his remarkable amount of talent and consistency. One would presume that it is easier to win the Premier League in style than to win any individual trophy.

Serving in Liverpool’s right wing attack, Salah’s 19 goals were not his only contributions to Liverpool’s historic title victory. He has already assisted 10 times. Combined with the good defending of Liverpool, these kinds of figures allow for a strong championship threat that they expect to repeat in the next season.


No wonder that Jimenez has been aligned with a move to Man Utd. Since heading to Molineux, the Mexican centre-forward has been in barnstorming form. He has already surpassed his goal count of 13 to his credit from last season, and has nine games to build on that.

With Wolves fighting for a European silverware competition, Nuno Espirito Santo will be bolstered by the ruthlessness of his leader in this fight. But, Jimenez’s game has so much more to it than just his knack for the net. He also has six assists on top of his 13 goals. In addition, this season he has created more opportunities than any other striker in the league (42) and recorded more shots (99). A full forward, if one ever was.


This season, the former Liverpool forward has become a devastating goal fiend. Currently, he has 15 to his credit and just four are left behind by Jamie Vardy, who leads the way on 19.

Although, with match-winners against Spurs, Leicester and Aston Villa among others, it wasn’t just how many Ings netted, but just how important his goals were. Like Calvert-Lewin, Ings was also hoping to cement his spot for Euro 2020 in Southgate’s England team.

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