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Highest Paid Football Managers in English Premier League 2020

Pep Guardiola retained his place in the list of highest paid managers in English Premier League 2020 as the first in the list and is tip in the list by a distance, but there are some names in the list that might be a shock to you. This is one of the reasons why you should read to the end.    

In descending order, the highest paid managers in English Premier League 2020 include:

1. Pep Guardiola (Manchester City)

Annual wage: £20 million

2. Jose Mourinho (Tottenham Hotspur)

Annual wage: £15 million

3. Carlo Ancelotti (Everton)

Annual wage: £11.5 million

4. Brendan Rodgers (Leicester City)

Annual wage: £10 million

5. Marcelo Bielsa (Leeds United)

Annual wage: £8 million

6. Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool)

Annual wage: £7.5 million

7. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (Manchester United)

Annual wage: £7.5 million

8. Manuel Pellegrini (West Ham)

Annual wage: £7 million

9. Ralph Hassenhutl (Southampton)

Annual wage: £6 million

10. Frank Lampard (Chelsea)

Annual wage: £5.5 million

11. Mikel Arteta (Arsenal)

Annual wage: £5 million

12. Eddie Howe – (Bournemouth)

Annual wage: £4 million

13. Sean Dyche – Burnley

Annual wage: £3.5 million 

Pep Guardiola – £20 million

This is perhaps the least shocking name on this list of highest paid managers in English Premier league 2020 – but that could be regarded to as the most shocking is his wage! – Guardiola’s weekly take home is a whooping sum of £385,000-a-week from his contract with Manchester City. 

Aside the recognition as the topmost in the list of highest paid managers in English Premier league 2020, he has engraved his name on the sands of time of the British football history with an unprecedented 198 points and consecutive Premier League titles across the past two seasons.

Jose Mourinho – £15 million

Jose Mourinho

This is the second time that the special one’s name is appearing in this list of highest paid managers in English Premier league 2020. Mourinho’s managerial contract deal with the Hotspurs has so much drawn the attention of fans all around the country. 

Not minding what the future may have in store for Mourinho, the proactive Portuguese will be receiving a weekly take home of £288,000 for the predictable future. This contract is said to be one of the largest contracts in managerial history of world football.

Carlos Ancelotti – (£11.5 million)

Carlos Ancelotti is among the highest paid managers in English Premier league 2020. He signed a new managerial contract deal for four years with his current club, Everton.

According to Express UK and “The Sun” reports have it that he receives a pay of (£11.5 million) on a yearly basis and additional £2.5 million to retain Everton in English Premier league.

Brendan Rodgers £10 million

There was a speculation linking Leicester City’s manager, Brendan Rodgers to Arsenal’s managerial position when it was still vacant but his signing a new five-and-a-half-year deal with Leicester, effectively brought the speculation to an end.

In addition to rendering these rumors false, the Foxes manager’s new deal also bright about his earning a massive pay of £10 million yearly, or almost £200,000 weekly.

Marcelo Bielsa – $8 million

Marcelo Bielsa is the manager the English Premier league side, Leeds United.

The manager agreed in 2020 to have his managerial contract with the club extended and this secured his future at Elland Road for yet another season with the Leeds.

While there is no public statement about the details of Bielsa’s salary, the Daily Star reports have it that he was earning £6 million ($8m) a year, which works out at £3m ($4m) after tax.

Jurgen Klopp – £7.5 million

Jurgen Klopp’s pay has been a topic of controversy for many Liverpool fans. This is the case because Klopp receives a take home of £145,000-a-week which is same as that Solskjaer, and sees his weekly wage ranked just joint-sixth in the English Premier League table.

Having spearheaded Liverpool’s race to being crowned the champions of Europe once again, it is the expectation of many that the affable German manager will rank a little higher on this list.

It is expected that this figure will be revised soon, following the progress of the performance of the “Never Walk Alone” side with the German coach.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – £7.5 million

The Manchester United manager, whose name is abbreviated as OGS as is often seen on the cloths he wears during the Red Devils matches, is one of the highest paid managers in English Premier league 2020. His making it to this list is not because United is one of the big names in EPL but because he does merit it.

He took over the managerial position on an interim basis after Jose Mourinho’s departure. 

He is currently receiving a weekly pay that is  a little under £145,000 and is deal with the Red Devils runs until 2022. Hopes are high with him that the glory of Manchester United will come to limelight yet again and this will sure leave him smiling time with some money pay and an extension of contract.

Though a good amount, the figure is not to be compared with that of his predecessor, Jose Mourinho, who was taking home a reported £350,000 weekly whilst in charge of The Red Devils.

Manuel Pellegrini – £7 million

Manuel Pellegrini is a familiar name to all Premier League fans, right? A lot could have contributed to this but one among those reasons is his successful stint as Manchester City manager. Though no longer with City but West Ham, he is still earning a whopping amount of almost £135,000-a-week

After managing the Blues, Pellegrini left for China and was also rumoured to be earning a weekly take home of £150,000 whilst at Hebei Fortune, so taking home bumper pay packets is no new thing for him.

Just as is the case with all high earning managers, Pellegrini is not left out in line with the mantra, “With great pay comes great expectations”

Ralph Hasenhuttl – £6 million

Another surprising name on this list of highest paid managers in English Premier league 2020 is that former RB Leipzig manager Hasenhuttl.

He signed a £115,000-a-week deal with his current club, Southampton, upon his arrival in 2018 and that is quite a huge sum compared to other EPL coaches’ signings.

Frank Lampard – £5.5 million

Frank Lampard, the renowned Chelsea player now turned coach, is the first manager on our list to break the six figure-a-week benchmark in the earnings of managers in the English Premier league.

Lampard has earned himself the recognition as one of the world’s most promising young managers and is currently earning a weekly pay of £105,000. 

Mikel Arteta – $5 million

The estimation of Arteta’s net worth is placed at around £15 million ($19m), but being that the Spaniard is very much private about his business, it is difficult to put a precise figure on his take home as Arsenal’s manager.

According to the report of online figures which have much of variation, there is the suggestion that Arteta’s net worth could be anywhere between the range of $5 million to $20 million (£4m to £16m).

Eddie Howe – £4 million

Eddie Howe, the manager of Bournemouth, is another name to reckon with in the EPL. His making it to this list is a proof to that. Before he started leading his club into pastures new, he has been in charge of the two promotions the Bournemouth side witnessed. It is Aldo worthy of note that he spent most of his playing career with Bournemouth.

He currently earns £77,000 per week, in appreciation of the milestone he hit with Bournemouth.

Sean Dyche – £3.5 million 

It is somewhat of a surprise to many, having Sean’s name appearing on this list of highest paid managers in English Premier league, right?

With Dyche’s weekly pay of £67,000, he merits being in this countdown of highest paid managers in English Premier league.

We could even say that he merits more than that figure for his achievement with Burnley in leading them to a seventh-place finish in the previous EPL season.

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