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‘I’m trying not to be stubborn in my beliefs’ – Tuchel doesn’t want to fall out with Chelsea Directors

To thrive at the highest level and drive his club back to the top of the table, the Blues manager is willing to focus and work on his personality.

Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea’s new boss, needs to benefit from his turbulent experience that saw him fall out with club bosses as he tries to achieve traction during his time in West London.
Similarly, he fell out with CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke at Borussia Dortmund, who said the coach left him feeling ‘worn out.’

“It’s pure passion—also some principles. Your word is your word and I trust the word of a man,” Tuchel told reporters during a press conference.

“What I like now and why I am very positive is that I am self-aware that this is a thing to improve, to be also more relaxed and not to be too stubborn in my beliefs.

“The structure that I find here is very clear and a very easy structure. It is easy to understand there are not many people who make the decisions and I can absolutely live with that.

“When things are clear it is on me now as the head coach to adapt and to make my opinion clear and to give the analysis of what I see, what I feel and where I also think that we can still improve and I hope this comes along in the right way.”

“I got two titles in the league and we won four in the last season. I got sacked so it was not enough [at PSG],” he continued.

“What I meant with the word was, your colleague mentioned difficulties between certain people on the board and me. It came up, I have to admit, in the transfer periods where sometimes the wishes and ideas and from coaches and CEOs and sporting directors do not really match. This can happen sometimes.

“There were no words from Roman Abramovich so far. I spoke to Marina and to Petr Cech and this was first of all confidential and then very trustful. Very honest and very clear. I have the feeling that this structure works for me absolutely to bring out the best. There was no moment of hesitation.”

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