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Klopp says he is missing the fans at Anfield as Man Utd vs Liverpool clash brews

Talking during an interview on Sat 16 Jan 2021 to Skyport ahead of Premier Leagues biggest clash of the season where Liverpool takes on Man Utd for a place on the top of the table, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said, “I’m around about 20 years as a coach or a manager and probably one hand is enough to count the days when things were absolutely perfect. No problems, the right team could play, we had the right shape, the last game was exactly how it should have been, the next game is looking promising – it’s really rare. So it’s constantly like this that you have to find solutions.

“You have to reduce your own expectations of a perfect matchday and you still have to make sure the boys are absolutely spot on. That’s not just for the coaches, that’s for everybody.”

The absence of key players like Van Djik and others led Henderson and Fabinho to push back.

“We have a lot of players with kids at home and home-schooling and I think the challenges are much harder for the players to deal with. That’s how it is and it’s not too different to life in the ‘outside bubble’. I think we have all faced a lot of challenges which we never would have expected to face ever in our life.”

One of those challenges has been the absence of fans inside stadiums. A small number were briefly allowed to return to Anfield around Christmas, but one of football’s greatest rivalries will be played without supporters this weekend.

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