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Liverpool “showed who we are” in victory over Tottenham – Jurgen Klopp

The Reds climbed up to the top four and Manchester City Premier League leadership within four points.

In their 3-1 victory over Tottenham on Thursday, Jurgen Klopp said Liverpool “showed who we are.”

Liverpool climbed up to the top four, narrowing the Manchester City leadership deficit to four points, though City still have an outstanding match.

“We scored goals in the right moments, wonderful goals,” Klopp talking to BT Sport. “The right people scored the goals. All good, apart from obviously Joel Matip had to go off.

“What I saw today was not about form, it’s… who we are. That’s us. Today, the second half especially, was us. It was a massive fight and football on top of that.

“I don’t know the numbers but I think apart from a few minutes in the first half, I don’t remember them having a lot of the ball. It was always pretty quick and counter-attacking and we defender really well. It was just a good performance and I saw a lot of things I wanted to see.

“Offensively, the way we played, I thought we coped really well with their formation. Played around, played in between, so we were so often in and around the box which is really important. The counter-press was really good. The last line defended really well; high enough but not crazy high.”

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