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Who is Mbappe?

Born on 20th December 1998, and having the full name, Kylian Mbappé Lottin, Mbappe is a French professional footballer who plays as a forward for Ligue 1 club, Paris Saint-Germain and the France national team.

Widely considered as one of the best players in the world of football, Mbappe is renowned for his cool way of finishing, dribbling, strength, and explosive speed with the ball.

Mbappé made his professional debut in 2015 with Ligue 1 club Monaco at the teen age of 16. This was where he began his senior career.

With them, he lifted a Ligue 1 trophy and won the following laurels; Ligue 1 Young Player of the Year, and the Golden Boy award.

In 2017, Mbappe a contract with Monaco’s league rivals, Paris Saint-Germain on an initial loan. The loan turned into a permanent transfer in 2018 and was sealed with €180 million. This very pay made Mbappe both the second-most expensive player in the world of football and most expensive teenage football player ever as this came through while he was 20 years of age.

So far in his football career with PSG, Mbappé has hit milestones by winning the following:

  • three Ligue 1 titles, two Coupe de France titles,
  • Ligue 1 top scorer twice, Ligue 1 Player of the Year, and is
  • fourth-highest goalscorer in the club’s history.

At international level, Mbappé made his senior career debut for his country, France in 2017, as a teenager at age 18. At the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Mbappé set a record by becoming the youngest French player to score at a World Cup tournament, and became the second teenager, after Pelé, to net a goal in a World Cup Final. The youngster finished as the joint second-highest goalscorer as France lifted the very world cup trophy.

Due to his outstanding performance in the tournament, he received the Best Young Player and French Player of the Year awards.

What is Mbappe’s net worth?

According to reports, Mbappe’s net worth is placed at just below €100 million (£90m/$110m), but arriving at a reliable estimate for his net worth is just a hard but to crack given his value continues to grow at an extraordinary rate.

According to a recent estimate by FinApp, it suggests that Mbappe’s net worth is around €71m (£60m/$80m), though that figure is liable to skyrocket in the months and years ahead.

Forbes has this to say about Mbappe’s net worth. Mbappe earned over $30m (£25m) in 2019 alone, which positioned him as one of the highest earning footballers in the world.

What is Mbappe’s Salary/ How much does Mbappe earn?

According to a published biography released in May 2019, the French side, Paris Saint-Germain is paying Kylian Mbappe €20.7m (£17.6m/$23.2m) yearly before tax deduction.

As at the end of the 2018-19 season and after-tax deduction, Mbappe earns just below €10m. Following this, it is believed that his salary alone will be fetching him over €18m per annum by the time his contract with PSG is up, which is 2022.

The above-mentioned figure shows that the French international ha a massive leap in his take home from the €1m yearly that he earned while with Monaco – that’s before his endorsement deals are taken into consideration.

In the list of top best paid players in Lique 1, he is placed at the third position behind club-mates Neymar and Edinson Cavani.

Over the course of his deal with PSG that began in 2017, he will have made about €87.5m.

The table below Mbappe’s earnings in PSG and its respective time frame.

Time FrameEarnings
Per second€0.65
Per minute€39
Per hour€2,369
Per day€56,000
Per week€398,000
Per month€1.72m
Per year€20.7m

What endorsement deals does Mbappe have?

Kylian Mbappe has a major endorsement deal with Nike and this deal had an extension in the summer of 2017 before Mbappe moved to Paris Saint-Germain. 

According to the recent estimates from L’Equipe, Mbappe’s endorsement with Nike is worth between €2-3m

As at that time, Adidas also had interest in swooping for the starlet and were reportedly willing to pay €5m for the youngster’s endorsement.

What Charity work does Mbappe do?

The Paris Saint-Germain’s forward has a big heart and this was seen in giving his bonuses for the 2018 FIFA world cup tournament to the Premiers de Cordees charity, which aims to organise sports for children with disabilities. According to the estimate by L’Equipe, the money gace out for this course was around €300,000.

More so, Mbappe gives about €20,000 for each match he plays for France to a different charity. 

In addition, Mbappe took care of the expenses for 25 students from the Jean-Renoir College in Bondy to have an educational trip to Russia during the World Cup.

Mbappe’s Family

Kylian Mbappé was born in Paris and was bred in Bondy, Seine-Saint-Denis, a location some distance away from the centre of Paris. His father’s name is Wilfried, a Cameroonian, while his mother’s name is Fayza Lamari, an Algerian (Kabyle)

Mbappe’s father is a football coach as well as his agent while his mother is a former handball player.

Mbappe has a younger brother named Ethan, who played for Paris Saint-Germain’s under-12 squad in 2018. Mbappé has an adoptive brother named Jirès Kembo Ekoko who is also a professional football player. 

Seeing that his father is a football coach and that his blood brother and adoptive brother are football player, one can say that footballing runs in their line.

While growing up, his case wasn’t different as like other little folks would have someone they would want to be like, his idol was the football legend, Cristiano Ronaldo, a player he looked to emulate and which he has been doing that, conscientiously.

Is Mbappe single?

Kylian Mbappe is not marriedbutit is rumored that he has a girlfriend by name Alicia Aylies who is aged 21 and is former Miss France. It might be true that they are into a relationship that will lead to marriage but no one can tell really as they are very serious about not going public with their relationship.

Alicia Aylies, was seen while cheering on France during a match at the 2018 World Cup in Russia which was won by France. This caught people’s attention and is probably a pointer to the assertions of people about the two making a family but let’s keep our fingers crossed and see what happens.

Where does Mbappe live?

Mbappe has strong roots in the French capital, Paris as he was born and bred there.

Mbappe still lives with his family and this is not necessarily because of his young age neither is it an issue with money because Mbappe’s net worth, salary, endorsements, etc., are more than enough for that but due to reasons best known to him, he is still residing with the family

Mbappe is often driven by the mum to and fro PSG’s training.

What cars does Mbappe drive?

The French international, Mbappe loves top-end cars and reported have it that he has a collection of five cars worth about €780,000.

Mbappe’s cars and their respective estimated price is as follows:

  • Ferrari ($560,000)
  • Mercedes-Benz ($40,495)
  • Audi (not available)
  • BMW ($140467) and
  • Range Rover (worth thousands of dollars)





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