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Thrilling Midweek As UEFA Champions League Clash Heats up: PSG, Bayern, RBL, Lyon

Favourite Game to watch – Lyon and Bayern Munich
Bayern are the hottest team right now in Europe. And now, they seem unbreakable. They seem really to be the favourites? No, Lyon will not give in without a fight. Surviving till now through Juventus and Man City, there’s no doubting about that, they thoroughly deserve their place in the Champions League semi-finals.

Fresh Teams to watch – PSG and RB Leipzig

PSG Really stole two late goals, Atalanta-the competition’s most loved side-was knocked out by the most deplorable. Yes, PSG deserved to win, and the goal of Eric Choupo-Moting made it more bearable, but being snatched away in the dying minutes to the delight of another PSG quick job like that was a cruel stint to all.

Difficult to predict?

Well, the four teams are hungry for the UEFA Championship, with Bayern probably seen as a threat.

If Lyon decides to hold the fort, keeping guard on Lewy from slipping away from grip, tall Muller for the crossing, Thiago from networking, plus the other Bayern wizards unmentioned who are on their prime, who will roam about to collect a goal each, then the future seems bright. However, Lyon seems to be the underdog and can challenge the German side. They will not be easy like Barcelona.

PSG, the shockers, might need a better strategy from win over Atalanta, no dependence on Neymar magic or Mbappe tricks or even Eric’s touches, lucks might not work this time. RBL are cup hungry and can do anything to get to final.

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