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Top 10 World Richest Football Clubs 2020 (2021 updated)

Which club is the richest football club in the world?

In 2020, FC Barcelona is the world’s richest football club and richest football club in Europe.
A research showed that, after winning eight league titles in eleven years, Barcelona reached the champions league semi-finals and finals than any other La Liga teams.
Richest rankings for the 2020 football clubs are based on match-day profits, revenue from commercials and TV money.
FC Barcelona is the richest Football club in the world 2020

Which club has the costliest TV rights?

Liverpool has the most lucrative tv rights contract, with the club receiving approximately (£265 million) every year. Their money from television sales increased after last year’s champions league victory. Barcelona hold second most expensive tv rights money deal, received £263 million.Liverpool FC

Which club’s profit increased the most in 2020?

After signing a long-term contract with (Fanatics), PSG ranking in the richest football clubs in 2020 increased. A source announced that the contract will fetch ($56 million) a year.PSG

Which clubs are the top 10 richest football clubs in the world?

The figures below represents total income in 2020 before COVID-19 which comprises of Match Day income, TV Income and Commercial Income.
1. Barcelona – £747.5 million

2. Real Madrid – £669.5 million

3. Manchester United – £629.5 million

4. Bayern Munich – £581 million

5. Paris Saint Germain – £561.5 million

6. Manchester City – £539 million

7. Liverpool – £536.9 million

8. Tottenham – £460 million

9. Chelsea – £445 million

10 Juventus – £409 million

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